Mastering on your own soul, controlling your own deeds, knowing whats good and whats bad for your own self is where the ultimate power lies.
As the Bible tells it, the first crime committed was a lapse of self-control. Eve was forbidden from tasting the fruit on the tree of knowledge. But the temptation was too much. The fruit was just so “pleasing to the eye, and also desirable for gaining wisdom,” Genesis reads. Who wouldnt want that? Humanity was just days old, but already we were succumbing to a vice.

The takeaway from this story was clear: when temptation overcomes willpower, its a moral failing, worthy of punishment.

We always have a dilemma on choosing things between what gives us pleasure in a moment (which might not last long) and what makes you invest for future pleasure, almost everyone will choose things offered in a moment. Obviously world is becoming faster day by day and so are we, why wait long when we get things done in a moment? Heres where all the secret of success lies, before indulging into anything, Sit Back, analyze things, think on it whether it will matter on long term basis or will it benefit? If the thing or a person in front of you isnt going to matter or benefit you in future, owe yourself a self control. Self-control is the ability to regulate and alter responses in order to avoid undesirable behaviors, increase desirable ones, and achieve long-term goals.
Self Control isnt any one night magic, like muscles, the more you exercise self-control on a consistent basis, the stronger you get. But then there lies a magic! After getting strong on your self-control, every decision will make you feel good about you; you get your self-esteem and confidence raised. You also reinforce in your mind what you are capable of makes it less difficult to make similar decisions in life.

Improving Self-Control:
While research suggests self-control has its limitations, psychologists have also found that it can be strengthened. Effective strategies include:

Avoid temptation. This is an effective way of making the most of your available self-control. Avoiding temptation ensures that you do not “use up” your available self-control before it is really needed.

Plan ahead. Consider possible situations that might break your resolve. If you are faced with temptation, what actions will you take to avoid giving in? Research has found that planning ahead can improve willpower even in situations where people have experienced the effects of ego depletion.

Practice using self-control. While your control might become depleted in the short-term, regularly engaging in behaviors that require you to exert self-control will improve your willpower over time. Think of self-control as a muscle. While hard work may exhaust the muscle in the short-term, the muscle will grow stronger over time as you continue to work it.

Try focusing on one goal at a time. Setting a lot of goals at once (such as making a list of New Year’s resolutions) is usually an ineffective approach. Depleting your willpower in one area can reduce self-control in others areas. It is best to choose one specific goal and focus your energy on it. Once you turn the behaviors needed to reach a goal into habits, you will not need to devote as much effort toward maintaining them. You can then use your resources to achieve other goals.

Dont take Self-Control as a theory that cant be applied to reality, give it a try, it isnt that difficult! Once you know what do you seek from your life, controling yourself, and choosing between better and best for your life becomes so easy.


Bridge the gap

“Each generation imagines itself to be more intelligent than the one that went before it and wiser than the one that comes after it”.
-George Orwell
A generation gap is the difference of opinions between one generation and another regarding beliefs, politics, or values.

In current time, people of new generation are well compatible with these electronic devices, instruments and gadgets even they cannot imagine their life without these artificial things. Children get so much involved into these technical gadgets that they have no time for their parents and grandparents. On the other side, parents are so much buzy in their official and social life that they have no time for their children and elders, this kind of lonliness causes this gap. The young generation of today get their knowledge from the “internet”, and they hardly read other than light magazines, while the elders of their hard earned profound book based knowledge. This difference can be best seen in the differences of interests and the hobbies.
The generation gap is the constant struggle of the parents to prevent their kids from doing things that their own experiences and wisdom and tell them that it is going to harm. The kids on the other hand try to constantly prove to the parents that they are equipped to take control of their lives. They want to live a challenging life and do not shy away from aspiring high.
Neither is wrong: they are both right in their own premise. The parents binded by their love for the kids would rather have their own experiences replace the experience of their kids.Whereas, the kids are convinced that they are right based on the current situation.

Ways of reduction:
-Lots of communication with commitment is required. This will help in resolving issues, understanding one another’s feelings and maintaining faith.
-Much time should be spent togather. In making of decisions, every member of the family should be consulted including younger ones, it will help in building their self confidence.
-People should know that respect is a two way process. People should never hesitate to learn the same thing from different perspective. Remember it’s never too late to learn something.

People of every age have something valuable to contribute and it’s time we started taking vibes and energy from both sides instead of buying into the generational stereotypes. Being more acceptive on what elders have to say to younger and vice-versa will make this whole millenial come closer and closer. And only then there will be revolution of ideas and give the solution to every problems.

Trust the Universe, for it always conspires best for you!

“Whats meant to be will always find a way, so let go off what was and have faith on what will come!”

Arent we all today running behind only for the final outcome, the results and the consequences? In the midst of all these somehow people are forgetting to enjoy and express the ultimate gratitude for having a wonderful journey. All what people are waiting today is either for the 1st date of the month to get salary, for the month of may to get the board results declared or count on how many miles they are away from their destination. Instead can we not just enjoy the month with our colleagues and have a beautiful journey of our own employment? Can we not just enjoy our school life, the immense journey of being able to learn, seek knowledge with our friends and teachers? Can we not enjoy and be grateful for being able to be a part of that journey and explore things?

We see people in stress the sole reason is we are just focusing on outcome. Once we learn to enjoy the journey, the universe will conspire the best of it, I mean obviously how can one forget “When you unapologetically journal your visions, the universe will deliver the best!” Having Vision and setting goals is good, but spoiling the journey worrying about the same gives you stress. Have faith that whatever happens, happens for a reason, a good reason instead! And it was meant to happen, may it be good or bad, atleast you learnt things, you got experience, even you were able to find your best company from that journey. Its always good to be calculative, but it isnt good to be so negative and not trusting the capabilities beneath you. Always believe in yourself and do with all your heart whatever may it be and go with the flow enjoying each waves that takes you along, youll then get your destination. And if it takes much time to reach your goals, believe god is conspiring something better.

Havent we heard “You reap what you sow”? But no one told anyone to be happy and enjoy watering what you have already planted and automatically youll reap better. So everyone out there running behind the best results, take a pause look behind how far youve come, be grateful for that, thank god for the company you had along, and then look forward to that amazing route which is still waiting to be enrouted by you. Every minute, every single moment of that journey make it worth so by the time you get your results, you already have lived your life to the fullest to be able to cherish that result.

“Letter to the society”

Dear society,
Sometimes i’m fat, sometimes i’m thin. But at all times, it is absolutely none of your bussiness. To all the people in the society who care for me and love me, or may be just pretend to, just stop bitching me on my back in the middle of your jobless day. Because not everyone can be a zero figure barbie doll having a model-like height. Not everyone is moulded in a dollesque figure. And not everyone can be flawless absolutely, because sometimes “Daagh achhe hain!”
So the next time you exclaim that i’ve put on weight or look so thin, don’t get offended when i say that i wanted that way and i have the audacity to do noting about it! We all have different choices and that’s my choice of living. And if you still aren’t convinced, think that ‘why just girls?’ Why are the girls always subjected to be objectified and treated as nothing but a sexual relief tool. I have no idea how it doesn’t occur to you as utterly ridiculous to tell a girl to dress down and cover the body, in order to not entice the untamable sexually charged minds of teenage boys. The boys who never did learn to respect anyone. For them why is a girl taught so much?

Before judging a girl for wanting it and telling her to stay in her own limitations, let me tell you that a girl is always subjected may it be black or white, fat or thin, under-dressed or over-dressed, introvert or extrovert! So, stop putting your fair white nose in the background of my life because now it’s not the time to pull on my saree to cover the whole face, i’ll wear a crop top flauting my skin for i like it that way and i’m happy with however i look! I’m here to teach the generation coming next to do the same. To follow their heart that clearly knows better than your orthodox mindset.

It’s 21st century, yet you people live in 16th century imposing all what you think is true. Day by day world is changing and so we have to, leaving behind all those narrow-minded people who think a girl is asking or wanting for it.

Only you can knock yourself out!

“Strength does not come from physical capacity,It comes from an INDOMITABLE will”.

-Mahatma Gandhi

Everyone today talks about the regrets they feel for not doing what they wanted to do with life or not getting something they always dreamt of. People today cannot just embrace all what they have, rather piss their life off for something they lost or were not able to get!
It has always been a question of how one can start something that they left doing a long ago, but it is always said that setbacks are something disguised in challenges! Also the comeback after every setback is more fierce! If one has the will then no power of this world can ever let him down. People will say rubbish but it’s on us how we take it. Get motivated to do something more wild and major, which becomes a turning point along with giving one satisfaction of what he has done.
It’s always better to do something out of the box, getting ahead of your limitations. Only then one realizes the potential. Even when you reach your threshold, and push your boundaries, your unconsious mind will protect you from how much pain you can tolerate – and when pain is higher than your tolerance, it will create either motivation and a positive challenge mindset or give you a setback! Once you train your mind to take everything as a challenge, it becomes easier to get through all the odds. Being in your comfort zone and pampering yourself has always been an easy task, but getting a step out of that comfort zone is what one can do to empower oneself!
To strengthen yourself, one should learn to give credit to everything they come across. Somedays it’s simply getting out bed, getting dressed and fancing the day. Other days- it’s the big things.It’s major milestones in life that make you who you are.It’s the moments that define your charachter. Each time you face a flare up or a setback, you must have a perspective that this too shall pass. This will be rough but your comeback will make it all okay. The temporary struggles of life gives the opportunity and the chance to show yourself and others of what exactly you can do.
Don’t ever let the worry and the stress of your setback, stifle you from your full potential.Take that comeback on your head. Eye on the destination, And know that in those dark moments you’ll reach the better days, time and time again!
“Setbacks are actually the setup for your comeback, which only you can get through!”

Choosy over folks around!

“Ageing does make you selective about people around you.”

Do you really see as many friends now as you did have 5 years ago? Your shrinking social circle isn’t just a human trait-it has been observed that with age when you get mature you become selective about who you really want to spend time with.
We have observed that older people cut off from society and become lonely. “They want interact, but they choose onto people who really hold emotional meaning in their lives.” As a child we were told to have good company, but never did it really matter untill we ourseleves started observing people around, started knowing who all are beneficial to us, who all will bring the best in us, who all stand by us in worst times. Its like then we started differentiating between good and bad through experiences offcourse!
People in their young ages tend to attract more people, keeping themselves in a group. Not that keeping contacts and socializing oneself is not good, but as and when maturity strikes they become more selective on every detail around them. Because later in their life whatever they’ll do will be for self and for family. Its then when they realize the motivaters and demotivaters around.
Also people now know their risk strategies, which says peers around you might push you down. So rather then having bunches around and then looking for good in them, why not choose priorly. We often observe our parents are more hesistating when it comes to a change. But today’s generation hesitates more when it comes to keeping the old routine. Obiously change is undoubtedly needed, but keeping the old chics of ours around makes the whole thing trustworthy and beautiful.
So, this journey of mine on knowing oneself starts with keeping the good old company around rather then switching from one flower to another!