Only you can knock yourself out!

“Strength does not come from physical capacity,It comes from an INDOMITABLE will”.

-Mahatma Gandhi

Everyone today talks about the regrets they feel for not doing what they wanted to do with life or not getting something they always dreamt of. People today cannot just embrace all what they have, rather piss their life off for something they lost or were not able to get!
It has always been a question of how one can start something that they left doing a long ago, but it is always said that setbacks are something disguised in challenges! Also the comeback after every setback is more fierce! If one has the will then no power of this world can ever let him down. People will say rubbish but it’s on us how we take it. Get motivated to do something more wild and major, which becomes a turning point along with giving one satisfaction of what he has done.
It’s always better to do something out of the box, getting ahead of your limitations. Only then one realizes the potential. Even when you reach your threshold, and push your boundaries, your unconsious mind will protect you from how much pain you can tolerate – and when pain is higher than your tolerance, it will create either motivation and a positive challenge mindset or give you a setback! Once you train your mind to take everything as a challenge, it becomes easier to get through all the odds. Being in your comfort zone and pampering yourself has always been an easy task, but getting a step out of that comfort zone is what one can do to empower oneself!
To strengthen yourself, one should learn to give credit to everything they come across. Somedays it’s simply getting out bed, getting dressed and fancing the day. Other days- it’s the big things.It’s major milestones in life that make you who you are.It’s the moments that define your charachter. Each time you face a flare up or a setback, you must have a perspective that this too shall pass. This will be rough but your comeback will make it all okay. The temporary struggles of life gives the opportunity and the chance to show yourself and others of what exactly you can do.
Don’t ever let the worry and the stress of your setback, stifle you from your full potential.Take that comeback on your head. Eye on the destination, And know that in those dark moments you’ll reach the better days, time and time again!
“Setbacks are actually the setup for your comeback, which only you can get through!”

Choosy over folks around!

“Ageing does make you selective about people around you.”

Do you really see as many friends now as you did have 5 years ago? Your shrinking social circle isn’t just a human trait-it has been observed that with age when you get mature you become selective about who you really want to spend time with.
We have observed that older people cut off from society and become lonely. “They want interact, but they choose onto people who really hold emotional meaning in their lives.” As a child we were told to have good company, but never did it really matter untill we ourseleves started observing people around, started knowing who all are beneficial to us, who all will bring the best in us, who all stand by us in worst times. Its like then we started differentiating between good and bad through experiences offcourse!
People in their young ages tend to attract more people, keeping themselves in a group. Not that keeping contacts and socializing oneself is not good, but as and when maturity strikes they become more selective on every detail around them. Because later in their life whatever they’ll do will be for self and for family. Its then when they realize the motivaters and demotivaters around.
Also people now know their risk strategies, which says peers around you might push you down. So rather then having bunches around and then looking for good in them, why not choose priorly. We often observe our parents are more hesistating when it comes to a change. But today’s generation hesitates more when it comes to keeping the old routine. Obiously change is undoubtedly needed, but keeping the old chics of ours around makes the whole thing trustworthy and beautiful.
So, this journey of mine on knowing oneself starts with keeping the good old company around rather then switching from one flower to another!